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Office Catering – Breakfast

Not comfortable with a breakfast buffet or pastry platter in the office for the time being? Get our labelled Breakfast Boxes instead for clean and easy distribution.  Let us take care of your Breakfast Catering. (minimum order is 20 boxes)

Breakfast Box ‘PASTRY+ Fruit and/or Yogurt

with a Muffin or a Scone or a Bagel (w. Cream Cheese) or a Butter Croissant (w. Jelly)  + a Fruit Salad or a Yogurt   

$6.50 each  


Breakfast Box Baked ‘Ham & Cheese Croissant+

with a Ham & Cheese Croissant + a Fruit Salad or a Yogurt   

$7.95 each  


Breakfast Box ‘Hot Breakfast Croissant+

with a Butter Croissant (prepared w. scrambled egg + bacon or cheese) + a Fruit Salad or a Yogurt   

$9.45 each  


Would you like to have a Fruit Salad and a Yogurt in your box? 

For $1.60 extra you can have an extra Yogurt in the box and for $2.00 an extra Fruit Salad.




1132 Cafe Good Morning Platter + Coffee (coffee is not included and needs to be ordered separately)



An assortment of Muffins, Scones, Croissants (Butter-, and Fruit-filled, Ham & Cheese, Chocolate- and Marzipan Croissants) and Bagels with Cream Cheese and Jelly portions, cut in half and arranged on a platter.      $3.85 /person


For your breakfast catering we offer an assortment of Muffins, Scones, Bagels with Cream Cheese and Jelly portions and Croissants (Butter- Chocolate- and Marzipan Croissants, NO Fruit-filled, Ham & Cheese croissants), all cut in half and arranged on a platter.     $3.20 /person


An assortment of large Butter Croissants already prepared with combinations of Scrambled Eggs, Bacon, Ham & Cheese.       

$7.90 /person


Make your own Breakfast Croissant – Sandwich with our Breakfast Builder Trays. We deliver for your Breakfast Catering pans of Scrambled Eggs, Bacon, Ham and Cheese. Plus a basket of Butter Croissants and Bread. Comes with portion packs of butter and jelly.     

$11.90 /person


A nice addition for your Breakfast Catering

Slices of pineapple, cantaloupe, honeydew melon, grapes and seasonal fruit.                                                                               

Small 8 – 12 people ● Medium 13 – 17 people ● Large 18 – 22 people

Small Tray $54.00, Medium $64.00 Large $74.00  


Also available as CHEESE AND FRUIT TRAY

Small Tray $69.00, Medium $84.00 Large $99.00



Sausage Variety Tray (Portuguese Sausage, Link Sausage),  (Spam on request)                                                                                 

Small: $ 59.00   ● Medium; $ 75.00   ● Large: $ 89.00 


Tray of Scrambled Eggs  or  Pancakes  or  French Toast                     

Small: $ 49.00   ● Medium; $ 65.00   ● Large: $ 79.00


Small 8 – 12 people ● Medium 13 – 17 people ● Large 18 – 22 people


Breakfast Bento Catering

Portuguese Sausage or Bacon or Spam + Scrambled Eggs and 2 scoops Rice  $7.35

The minimum Bento Catering order is 30 Bentos 

1132 Cafe Breakfast Bento


Coffee & Tea Catering                         

Please ask for our coffee and tea catering featuring Gourmet Coffee (Colombian, Hawaiian Hazelnut, Vanilla Macadamia Nut, Decaf, and Jasmin Tea, Green Tea, Lipton’s and Ginseng Tea) Cups, napkins and condiments are included. We deliver in air-pots and urns and come a second time to pick up our coffee pots. However, we use disposable containers for coffee deliveries that are either far away or not to the customer’s own premises.

Disposable Coffee Traveler (approx. 12 8oz cups)   $18.95

Disposable Coffee Traveler (approx. 20 8oz cups)   $34.50

Disposable Coffee Urn (3 gallons)                           $72.50


The price for coffee in pump pots or urns (including cups and condiments) depends on the number of people at your event/meeting.

16– 39 people  $1.40 per person

40–99 people  $1.30 pp

100–249 people  $1.20 pp

> 250 people $1.10 pp

Chilled Drinks                                                       

Diet Coke ● Coke ● Sprite ● Green Tea in a can $1.20 

● Bottled Water 1.20 ● Perrier 2.10  ● Fruit Juice in bottle $2.45

Breakfast catering setup in a hangar

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